New! Miss appril is Appdevcon partner!

Appdevcon & appril festival are partners For and by app developers

So lady’s and gentlemen, I like to present to you my new partner Appdevcon! Team appdevcon and appril go way back, we are working together since the beginning of apprilfestival and Appdevcon in the year 2012. It took us almost 6 years to figure out that we would be each other’s best partners.

We have got the same DNA and share our love for Dutch app development, So now we have decided to join forces, we share our skills, best practices and combine our network.

And yes there are differences, Appdevcon is all about development, for and by developers. apprilfestival all about ideas and for everyone working on creating an app. Both are here to serve the Dutch app community, designers, developers, product owners, founder, investors and applovers.