Pieter Siekerman – The State of AR and VR

Appril 2019

Much hyped and much dismissed, augmented reality and virtual reality are slowly but surely evolving into technologies which are part of our daily lives, same as websites and mobile apps. Pieter Siekerman, CTO at &samhoud media, takes you through the current state of affairs. Think platforms, hardware, software, numbers, use cases and what to expect in the next 12 months. No fluffy visions of decades to come, but solid information on what’s what right now.

About Pieter


Pieter Siekerman spent the last 10+ years creating apps. Starting with native iOS and Android apps at The Saints, then moving to video streaming apps for TV platforms (think Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, Smart TVs, etc) at 24i and these last few years focussing on augmented reality and virtual reality. As CTO he currently leads the technology team at &samhoud media, which has created several of the most successful AR apps in The Netherlands, like the recent AH Insecten app. Easiest way to connect with him is through https://www.linkedin.com/in/pietersiekerman/.