New Soft skills training 23- 04-2021

Learn and grow #Android #iOS Developer

Ad van Roosmalen is a consultant in leadership and organizational development. He supports leaders, teams and organizations to increase their capacity to be successful in constant change. Ad facilitates change networks and trainings.

Training: What’s your leadership style and how to tweak it.

Leading a team will ask different skills and capacities than you have had to use before. Growth, both personally and as a team/organisation, means more change. Change is also part and parcel of the environment in which you operate.

So, the question ‘What’s your leadership style and how do you improve it’, should really be howto successfully lead a team in an environment of change. And how to lead so that your team and organisation can reach its full potential. To do so we need to examine your leadership style,in order to take it to the next level.

The goal is that you will walk away at the end of the workshop with a:

What kind of leader are you? Reflect on your style, the benefits and the downside of it. Explore your opposite leadership style. Tweak it in order to lead more successfully team